For cyber-attacks on the United States banks are Iranian hackers

According to James Lewis, a member of the Center for Strategic and International researchers blame for the illegal hacking of a number of sites belonging to the American banks, lies on the hacker from Iran.
Specialist confidently declares that about artists and cyber attacks has long been known to the American authorities. Words Lewis difficult to accept on faith as to provide any technical data or evidence he can not.
Recall that the security forces banks unanimously claimed that the perpetrators of the attacks, cybercriminals are extremely high. The main evidence of the involvement of Tehran burglary can be considered, and the fact that the DDoS-attacks by hackers involved in a violation of the power resources and do not use their opportunity to transfer money from bank accounts.
Since the beginning of autumn 2012 against cyber attacks suffered for nine American banks, including such major players of the financial market as Citigroup and Bank of America. Each time the hackers are the same scenario: gone online resources of banks in offline mode by slowing down the performance of servers, with no fumbling for personal data and current accounts of customers.
In most cases of DDoS-attacks ordinary hackers use infected computers, but these cyber criminals organize their work through data centers in the cloud resources. How they managed to get access there, is still unknown.