Dedicated IP-address

   If you have an important resource that can offer a far-paced perspective, then you need to make sure to give such a lovely project the best conditions on the Internet. That is why, for the resource, you can use a service called - a dedicated IP-address. It will help you a lot of trouble, one of them is the simultaneous use of the same IP-address as soon as a few Internet users.

   What is an IP-address probably already know all computer users, at least, who has internet, so that's, IP addresses can be global or local. Local IP-address is the identifier for a computer, which determines a local network (for example, a local network organization, or an internet cafe). Global IP-address is the address that is given to a computer so that it can be identified on the Internet. So why are all recommended to use a dedicated IP address to host the site on the Internet? The most important difference is that your site will be completely independent of all the other sites. That is, if you already had IP-address, which had been used a couple of sites that would happen the following consequences.

   1. Search Engines would you ban. Even if from you, never happened unauthorized actions, such as to influence the search results, your site could be removed from the database.And all this would happen because the one who is already using this address, he wanted to wind position in the search engines. But search engines are punished harshly, they banyat entire IP-address, so that you will get undeserved.

   2. block your e-mail. This penalty will impose on you for the fact that if a no-be webmaster who uses the same IP-address wanted to do with spam. The result is that the hosting provider will send a complaint about violations from this IP-address. The punishment will receive all web projects Also, a dedicated IP is perfect in that it can give your resource even more functionality. For example, it will be possible to observe more clearly the statistics that will help you make a deep analysis of the incoming traffic.

More can be opened FTP dostup resource (anonymous). Dedicated IP-address can give you another plus, you can install an SSL certificate. And that's not all the advantages of the important can be to highlight the excellent protection against DDoS attacks. Goes the view that using vydelennogo IP addresses can greatly affect the position of search queries, but this is not true. But as mentioned above, by using this service, you can give your project a lot more prospects. And the most important thing in our time - it does not cost much.