Choosing a hosting service for your blog. Tips Business Analyst

   Your project is almost ready, take into account all defects and selected a domain name. Now we need to - choose hosting. However, all is not as easy as it seems at first vzglyad- hosting choice akin to buying property for themselves. By choosing the best option, you do not grab the first available, and will consider all aspects of the future residence. And with the choice of host - in fact you are buying for a "B" for the project. Evaluate all the pluses and minuses, convenience and space, as well as the price that must be decent, but not excessive. 
    In this difficult choosing tips business analyst will help you choose the hosting, not only worthy of your project, but also able to help him reach the top. 
For the first time I have chosen hosting seemingly answered all my inquiries. But, it was only a first impression. "Thanks," hosting provider my project was often in a state of "not available", and technical support is also loyal neochen not add my project protsvetaniya.V general first bad choice was a milestone. Thanks to him, I have learned not to repeat their mistakes.
   To date, going a long way, I have no problem to find the right hosting for your blog, and for the serious Internet project. Skill successful choice came to me with the ability to analyze and compare the facts, while omitting the emotional component. Thus, avoiding many of the problems and errors. 
   For  understanding to continue reading, I propose to examine the term "business analyst" and consider what is involved in this expert: 
 As the name suggests, it becomes clear that "business analyst" deals with the analysis of the organization, figuring out its weaknesses and problems for their subsequent decisions by certain methods. These methods will facilitate the development of the organization and its transition to a new level. This definition gives the concept of business intelligence in a narrow way, but for this article it is enough. This approach yields positive results in any area. Full immersion into the situation and its analysis should be used in any business, including the choice of hosting for various online projects. 

                                                        Now let's look: what is hosting, and why we need it.
   The task of hosting - you pass the rent of the disk space on the server. Here you will be able to store a certain amount of information that will always be on the Internet. Also, to hosting services include placement of equipment with a wide passageway on the provider side. 
   If you have chosen a hosting service, you should know that any self-respecting provider in the provision of web hosting services for the comfort of its customers. For working up all incoming requests to your site they will offer udobnuyucPanel. Having considered the image below, you will have an idea how to look good cPanel.

   At first approximation, the choice of hosting is not such a simple matter - different options sometimes baffled: what to choose - free or paid? If paid one - can we hope that the budget hosting will have many features? Here you can suggest the following - if you are a beginner and your goal is to explore all the possible maximum functionality, you can choose a free hosting. In this case, be prepared for the fact that the download speed is not high enough to be sure your site will be placed different advertising banners, but for permanent access to your site, no one can guarantee. 
   If you need hosting for a serious project - do not be stingy, so you will ensure continuous stable operation of your site, as well as quality and timely support. 
It is unlikely that you will even be hosting one that would satisfy all requests. What to do - you might ask? I am willing to help you, and as they say, otsdelit wheat from the chaff. I present to your attention a few rules by which the choice will be much easier:
   1. To start with the functionality of a set of hosting provider. If you are creating a simple static site with HTML markup, the set of functions necessary for correct operation is reduced, which will save a little.
   2. Choosing a hosting consider reading reviews about it on the Internet - the high price sometimes is not a guarantee of quality, and to pay a high price for low quality - is at least offensively. 
   3. Creating a site on which there will be video and audio - you can also save money because they do not will need a large amount of disk space, but the absence of a large one. 
   4. Paying the selected tariff plan, review all of the opportunities it provides to you. You might want to host multiple sites and, if it has to change the tariff plan, this would entail additional costs. 
   5. Limited traffic will not help the development of your project, so try to keep track of such things immediately. / * 89999 
   6. Caring about your clients hosting provider often offers discounts for their services when you order service for the duration of 6 months. Also, you do not associate a payment method - one can choose more desirable for yourself - whether payment by card or transfer mail. Of course, be prepared for the fact that the services of such a hosting provider will cost you a decent amount. 
   7. Maintenance of quality provider always quickly and accurately respond to your request, and provide you with a wide variety of means of communication. From a phone call to the on-line chat or Skype. Your questions will be considered, and the problem is solved as soon as possible.

   By the way, we often complain about the vain support staff, sincerely indignant denial of assistance. Their competence is absolutely not included to explain to customers why they do not work incorrectly written code or other issues not related to the direct interaction of the client - the hosting provider. If the operator Ticket gives advice, it once again points to care about you as a client.

   Here, perhaps, and all the basic tips on choosing a good web host. There are more than a dozen minor issues, but they are solved, depending on the particular set of tasks you have. To see all the details, you need to probably write a book.

Summarizing all the above written: Decent hosting should provide constant quality work and foster the development and growth of your project.