Choose a free panel for server management

   Not all love and know how to work with the console tools, wired in the hosting, although it is the most reliable and valid way to work with the server. That's just the time to work with the panel takes a lot, but still people whine all the time about the possibility of self-change settings. We solve this issue purchase convenient plesk or cpanel, but we take a typical situation for many web hosts - lack of money for the software. Life server administrator can ease and free online panel. Warned in advance that is presented here only a brief description of the major consoles, requires a detailed review of the long-term testing on the servers. 

  •     We begin with the familiar to many "old lady» Domain Technologie Control . Despite the decent age and the lack of updates, the panel is powerful enough. And its quality and reliability is supported by the fact that its the only one to be found in the official repositories Debian Lenny

  •     Go to representatives of a powerful free panels include Kloxo . A variety of features help to work with a variety of sites. There are also disadvantages: panel welcomes only operating system CentOS and RHEL architecture 32Bit.

  •    Another popular bar - it ISPConfig . Of course, the interface at the console is disgusting, but the latest version of panels promise to do a lot more comfortable, add services. According to those who saw the first screenshots, the panel will change for the better.

  •    Support for Debian Lenny and got GNUPanel . Console differs uncomplicated set of tools, simple interface, which, however, should be clear to even the novice to administer.

  •    Nice interface lends support panel SysCP . Comes package for Lenny, and insides promises a good level of performance.

  •    Will please fans of the convenience and comfort console ispCP Omega . Here you and a beautiful and intuitive user interface to manage, and reference documents, and even a separate forum with Russian support

  •     For the "Aplefone" invented console OpenPanel , although the panel is more suitable for server administration, and not hosting. However, this is not the main disadvantage here is that the panel has long been a version beta - this is very bad. 

  •     Last on the list, but not least, is an experimental panel Webmin . The fact that the administration of the server in this case is through the web interface. The same function as laid down in the analogs panel usermin, virtualmin, cloudmin.