VPS servers "pumped" with solid-state drives (SSD)

SSDs have recently appeared, but already took a position in both desktop and server systems. In systems where fast and multiple data access required SSD-drives surpass even the biggest hardware RAID-arrays, - that's all because they have no mechanical parts - they provide the same fast access time to various data cells.

In virtualization systems thats really matter, as in such case, each virtual container can really get the information without delay and have a lower iowait, and thus the lower load average.

Also it has a high value in the case of databases, where multiple requests needed to select and update data. The real magic appears where parallel access to a different segments of memory needed, while normal HDDs have inevitable delays caused by repositioning the disk head on the proper track.

However, there are pros and cons - a relatively low number of write cycles, compared with HDD. That's why, our VPS-server equipped with SSDs, placed in a RAID-1 (mirror) array, to improve the reliability in the event of failure of one of the drives, also a periodic ​​offsite-backups on HDDs are configured.

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