VPS, your virtual server

   Modern Internet resources requires additional services and offerings from existing hosting providers. Specifications of sites increases, the cost of traffic and hardware resources often lead to a huge load on the server, an error and crashes systems. Selecting unproductive hosting can cause slow performance of the site, and, hence, the loss of the patrons of the resource. 
   Owners of large web projects, such as online shopping, online banking and electronic payment systems, need to understand and consider these risks in their work. 
Previously, to deal with such problems could only renting a dedicated server, or using a collocation service to connect to the port hosting your own machine. And the cost of these services is too high for sites with average incomes or new projects. Small companies until recently had to endure overload neighbors in a computer or to opt for a conventional dedicated server. Well, the situation has changed with the times. In Russia, gradually formed a unit hosting providers to connect to the virtual private servers.
   Virtual private server is also referred to the acronym VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server), or in the case of Russian technology  VPS (Virtual Private Server). The essence of the service is as follows. With the help of special software specific computer hosting is divided into multiple virtual machines with individual operating system, the ability to install personal programs, changing settings, and load data. Machine resources for virtual servers also work independently without affecting the other clients. 
   By purchasing a virtual dedicated server, users receive the complete disposal of a separate machine for the resource, for power is only slightly inferior to modern servers. Numerous tariff plans VPS allows you to select the optimal set of services. Firstly, set the guaranteed minimum allocation of machine resources, allowing to perform all the tasks level. In the second place, the client appears to be root to allow full access to the system. This allows not only an individual approach to setting up the operating network, but also to configure all the parameters necessary to install the application, create a library. Thirdly, VPS - it own IP-address, separate filters and addressing rules. 
   Despite the internal resemblance to the usual dedicated server VPS has a number of differences. The main thing is itself a virtual space, the lack of physical distance from the server. Problem, this fact can not be called, since any update server can be done by increasing the guaranteed minimum of computer resources by changing the tariff plan and monitor performance lies with the service provider, which experts quickly resolve questions on debugging equipment and eliminate accidents. The downside can count restriction of the user to choose the operating system, either to work on a fixed provider, or choose from a pair of available platforms. However, in this case, the client will not bother upgrading the operating system issues, flashing - then again, the responsibility for hosting specialists. 
   Compare VPS from ordinary virtual server is ridiculous, because the points of intersection can not find work. Virtual server to the client the opportunity to modify personal information only. Machine resources have to share in the rest of the users on the same server, which often becomes the cause of the "fall" of sites, and even damage to the entire operating system. A virtual server is not protected from hackers and that an attack on one resource, automatically cause an error and the others. Away from it all insured clients dedicated virtual servers. 
   A few words about the software used to create the VPS. Modern hosting providers are using several techniques. The most popular among the companies providing the service VPS, the development corporation Virtuozzo SWsoft, Inc. The program has an advanced engine and decent package of functions that allow you to quickly and accurately create completely isolating the virtual server. Providers' and the system of VDSmanager ISPsystem. However, you can set up a virtual dedicated server and in some operating systems, only in this case will have to be content with a limited set of features and a clumsy interface.