Whether or not to rent a dedicated server for money?

   To this question any answer you in the affirmative. Arguments for having to lay out a tidy sum to pay for this service, weight. Let's start by a strand. 
Under the dedicated server, also known as dedicated server, understand the physical machine (server) that the provider (with the whole package of resources) gives customer service for its individual tasks - host sites, databases, and file archives.
   If we turn to the work of the usual virtual hosting, the first thing will be a question of its stability, which will never be achieved even at a constant and quality maintenance. This hosting involves the simultaneous operation of dozens, and often hundreds of thousands of users and servers, sites that continually reduces the productivity of resources, and in extreme cases, and to the massive decline in the operating system. Virtual Server provides its customers with a limited package of features: new without permission is not checked, the library does not zalesh. 
Quite another - to a dedicated server, here the user becomes the rightful owner of the machine with the ability to install any software and configuration changes.
   This service will benefit the booming online shopping portals and with its own set of customers. With the ability to administer, can be distributed client server load depending on changes in the flow of traffic from a particular site, as well as to monitor statistics for each user separately. 
   Installing the software on a dedicated server does not require any additional requests to the owner of the hosting, connection to business support service and other mandatory steps, spending precious time. 
   Many now offer virtual server hosting for rent at an average price. Of course, this server provides all the same freedom as highlighted, but there are a lot of virtual space limitations. Do not forget that the resulting resource will have to share with other hosting clients, which means that all also suffer from overloads and loss of productivity. In addition, some types of virtual servers provide insufficient simulation of physical hardware, so part of the application on the client system can not work on them. Well, the end, the amount of RAM virtual hosting is extremely small, which will cause large overload with increasing traffic. 
   Thus, the virtual space at the moment is suitable only owners of small sites with low attendance and poor resource consumption. For the rest the only way - is to move to a dedicated server.