Tips for choosing a name for the first blog

    If you have decided that it is time to start your own blog, pay special attention to its name. Find a suitable title is not so difficult, if you remember the three basic postulates. 
    First, remember the formula = blog content blog title. Only when under the header internal filling the user who discovered your site in the search results, a desire to go to the reading of the contents of the blog. Name in this case must clearly and accurately describe the nature of your new online resource. 
    Secondly, the name of the blog should be easy and memorable. It is important to not only invest in the name of sense, but also to try to meet the minimum number of words. Even with a great blog content by cooking his name will fly from user memory, if it is too long. Brevity and clarity of the title - the key to success. 
     Third, in the name must be an appropriate domain name. At the moment it is quite difficult to do, since most of the light domain names have long occupied. Ignore the third postulate is not worth it, because it will help strengthen your place among the blogs of similar subjects, and will increase the number of visitors. Do not leave attempts to find the name you want, be sure to check back for that availability of names not only .ru and .py, but try to create a "mirror" blog on the domains "top-level» .net and .com. So a good domain name for a blog on alternative medicine called "Oriental medicine" will be the «», or «».