Rent or colocation

The economic crisis affects the companies leading the basic work on the Internet. In the struggle for superfluous money, representatives of Internet businesses are actively looking for effective ways to reduce production costs. Heavy traffic and a steady stream of customers requires a stable and continuous operation of the server administration. In this direction, the company struggling to find the best offers various hosting, one of which is a service colocation and dedicated servers. In this case, the provider allocates a separate fee for the port to connect to the network.

As no surprise, but studies show that dedicated server is not always the best way to reduce costs. First, in the transition to colocation you have to buy the necessary hardware that will cost from two to five thousand dollars depending on the server. Second, require decent finances work hour technical support that ensures stability of the resource. At the same time the total monthly costs may be lower than in the case of a lease of another dedicated server on the same level.

Another thing, if the server is already available. Then rent a rack near the datacenter does not require large expenditures. This is assuming that employees have sufficient knowledge to modern requirements for hardware and software. In other cases, the reluctance to buy a new machine on a standard dedicated server.

It is easiest to compare services and colocation rent dedicated servers with the process of buying and renting property, respectively. And this and the other version has certain advantages, but the choice still depends directly from the company or human resources. Before you decide, just sit down and calculate the total cost of both services. Renting a dedicated server - a costly proposition, based on a long period of work, but rather a cheap option for short-term project. Inversely constructed colocation costs, implying high costs in a preparation period and a low amount of maintenance in the future.