Simple Tips for installing a system of statistics on Gentoo linux

 System statistics awstats - a very useful thing for the stable operation of the monitoring server. The technology allows you to get the most accurate and detailed performance data and errors. Most of the information on this topic in the network a little outdated, so are making new tips on installing awstats.
In our case, we used a system of awstats version 6.9.
Sequence of actions is as follows:
    1 To install we need the webapp, so put a check VHOSTS, prescribing string USE = "vhosts" emerge awstats
   2 After the build process is necessary to bring the installation package to the end using webapp-config:
webapp-config -I -h <host> -d awstats awstats <version>
In this case, the host assumes a specific hosting for installation and version - version of the product.
   3. Last Position in configuration faylestrochku virtual host in Apache
<Module log_config_module>
CustomLog / var / log / YourSite_access_log combined
TransferLog / var / log / apache2 / YorSite_access_log - Transfer log files are written by default
</ IfModule>
   4 The resulting system is necessary to configure awstats under your domain. Copy the default configuration file and edit the contents of 
cp /etc/awstats/awstats.model.conf
   5 It prescribes the desired position and save the resulting file: 
SiteDomain = "Your Domen" 
HostAliases = "www.YourDomen" 
LogFile = "/ var / log / YourDomen_access_log"
   6 At the editing config basically completed. 
   7 Then you need to upgrade an existing statistics using: 
/usr/share/webapps/awstats/6.9-r1/hostroot/cgi-bin/ -config = YourDomen -update
   8 Do not forget that in the directory, which in our case is referred to as /6.9-r1/, you need to register your version of this
   9 To make the script add the statistical system in CZK:
crontab -e
   10 To this end, in the window that appears (it is assigned from /etc/rc.conf) add a line corrected version back to your:
37 0 * * * /usr/share/webapps/awstats/6.9-r1/hostroot/cgi-bin/ -config = -update> / dev / null 2> & 1
In this case exhibited automatic start at 12:37 of the day statistics.
   11 To ensure that the system does not go, copy all the information from the directory /usr/share/webapps/awstats/6.9-r1/hostroot/ file in the root domain and add a web interface for manual control. To do this in the config domain /etc/awstats/ replace the "0" in AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser = 0 to "1".
Otsmatrivat to get statistics, go to You Domen / cgi-bin /