Dedicated Server Pros

   A dedicated server can be regarded as a kind of "golden mean" between buying and renting a physical server virtual hosting.  Normal hosting provider working on technology shared, can place on your server a thousand sites, dividing all the power of the machine together. If one of these sites will direct DDoS-attack, then crashes and loss of productivity will affect all other users hosting.  Renting a dedicated server is more expensive payment virtual hosting, and require additional knowledge for maintenance and management, but these factors should not be an obstacle for those who aim for a successful and productive development of their business. Important factor when choosing a dedicated server is to match its performance specifications.

    Firstly, the server must have a good response speed. When working virtual hosting affect this factor is not possible, since the rate depends on the traffic the other server clients. That is, when a large load on the site "neighbor", your life can just swim. Dedicated same server allows the administrator to use the individual control panel, monitor traffic levels, maintain detailed statistics.

    Secondly, the server must be flexible in configuration. Shared hosting does not give the customer the right to change the operating system and software update that does not cause problems in the case of a dedicated server. Here you can always add or remove the required software to edit the database and more.

    Thirdly, the server will enable upgrading equipment to execute processes at any stage. Hosting gives the maximum chance to expand disk space, and on a dedicated server issues to update the hard disk, operating system and memory are solved instantly.

    And finally, the fourth. Dedicated Server - a high level of security. As noted earlier, on the hosting sites are extremely dependent on each other. The slightest change in the work of a single resource impact immediately on the other. A dedicated server can be used as a secure firewall to keep protected all the necessary passwords and access.