Unlike hosting of collocation

   When we talk kollokeyshen we mean a situation where the user is located on the server of the provider site. A platform provider - a special room in which there is uninterrupted power, supported by a sufficiently low temperature, there is a security, fire-fighting system and so on. All this can be called even a communication. So what is, after all, the difference between kollokeyshen and hosting, now I'll try to explain it to you.

    Under the virtual hosting is a situation when a car provider are placed in a large volume of customer resources. But when we talk about the system kollokeyshen we understand that the server is hosted by the client in the provider, in this case using only the possibility to host your own site. Of course, there are moments inherent hosting. If you are using the same peg north respectively located at the site of the provider. Possible. You will be asked about what kind of equipment at the same time operate and what is its difference from the host. Now I will explain.

    Most often, when kollokeyshen used specially created servers, they are provided in the housing industry a width of about 19 inches, they are installed inside the spec. rack. Also, there is another important parameter is not small, which is of great value - is the height of the body, measured in units called unit (about 45 millimeters). There are various servers, which size is measured at 1, 2, 4, 6 unit. Due to the fact that the cost of the server is less than their odnoyunitnogo most often used when the servers.