Experienced people say

   Experienced people say that it is better to pay for hosting, than to use free of charge. But many beginners do not understand it, and they will still go to a free hotsting providers. After all, for most novice web-masters to pay 60 rubles a month - unfortunately - a very big problem. In this article we will talk about why a paid provider is still better free and how to choose the best hosting for quality and price. 

   There are several reasons to prove that free hosting is not so good: 
   The first and most important reason - the presence of advertising. In my opinion, this is the main reason why you need to give preference to paid hosting. It is worth noting that the ads on the hosting is usually the most disgusting and vile content. Unfortunately, finding a hosting service that would not be posted in their advertising is a very great difficulty, and if they will be able to meet such, it is likely there will be many other disadvantages. 
   The second reason - constant downtime. Your site will fall very often. Moreover, the more hosting has different capabilities (for example, support for PHP, MySQL), the more likely your site will fall. 
   The third reason - the lack of advanced features. Almost all hosting providers allow you to create sites only on the basis of HTML. No other possibilities, generally, speaking, and do not go. But there are times when you still allowed to use PHP, but it will be very limited, it is very difficult to find a free web hosting, where it would be available at least the function mail (), ie, no letters, you can not send.
   The fourth reason - your site may be removed. When the first complaint on your site, for example, from a competitor, 9 times out of 10 it will remove without trials. And if you do not have a backup, you can tell your site "goodbye." 
    Fifth - a low level of trust from the visitors. If you open any online store, then you can forget about sales immediately. Since most users will understand immediately what you are using free hosting.
Final but not the least reason - such hosting is often closed. And, unfortunately, it is a fact, and hosting provider, which yesterday posted at a variety of sites, today it can simply delete all the sites together. I once wrote a lesson in his delivery (delivery I was writing sites), and in it I showed you how to host sites with free hosting providers. Just do not remember what it was for the hosting, but after a couple of months, people have written to me that the site is not available, and hosting and all stopped working. And this, unfortunately, does not happen often.
   As you know, an infinite number of shortcomings, and I have said nothing about the support, because talking about it is just useless. It seems to me that 60 rubles a month - is an acceptable amount, and because it should not be so tormented. So I advise everyone, even if you are just a beginner web-programmer, create your first website only for paid hosting. 
   In the vastness of the World Wide Web home to a great variety of paid hosting services, and how to choose from the most worthy, I'll tell you. Keep in mind that a good web hosting is located within 60 - 80 rubles a month. The rest just disappear, unless, of course, you do not need 100 gigabytes of space or place for 1000 domains. 
   Look for interesting you hosting reviews on the internet. If hosting has at least some popularity, the comments about it will be quite a lot. One day I also had to write a review: "Recently, a few weeks ago, I bought a very good dedicated server, and is connected with this transfer of my site. But I want to note that the website of faster did not (I acquired the server, by and large, to store files on it, rather than site hosting). And it says that my old hosting provider was a really high quality (believe me, I have something to compare), so be sure to turn your attention to it. 

   As a result, we have created two positions on the choice of hosting: 
   1 Give your preference to paid hosting.
   2 Always read reviews about hosting on the Internet, but do not forget that the higher the rating and popularity in the hosting, the more reviews. About good hosting negative feedback is left only competitors. Look at the ratio of good and bad reviews in general.
   Let's hope that you understand that the popular use of free hosting is in the past, when the paid services were too expensive, and they could afford only large companies today use them makes no sense. And remember that the avaricious pays twice.