Optimize work mysql.

   Regardless of the system that is running mysql, the algorithm to improve the quality and speed of performance provides for additional writing the script, which allows correct for the configuration file my.cnf
   Browser options enough, you can find the best option as on-time performance, and on the results obtained. 
One of the most popular is quite easy to use script mysqltuner.
To do this, add the following lines to the configuration file my.cnf.
wget mysqltuner.pl
perl mysqltuner.pl
For those who hate to prescribe permanent line «perl», you can move the file into the executable bit:
chmod u + x mysqltuner.pl

To login script when running queries administrator username and password to log into the database:

  During the day the script will continuously analyze workflows to mysql server, so you should try to give him the best conditions for the collection of objective information. According to the verification script will offer a list of recommendations to optimize the server that you want to perform rewriting config my.cnf.

The list may surprise you with its vastness. For example, the tips will look like this:

   After completing all of these requirements, you will feel a marked improvement in the performance of the server. If the same master, this algorithm is difficult, it is possible to address the conduct of optimization to the professionals.