The best platform for VDS - is CentOS

Optimum Performance-based resources of the virtual server can be the installation of a suitable operating system. Dares to experiment with the OS not everyone here needs a good knowledge of working with established sites. One of the options available is to install a platform CentOS, recognized by many customers virtual hosting VDS. Productive CentOS, short for Community ENTerprise Operating System, appeared on the market in 2004. The platform is an analogue of the operating system Red Hat with the ability to maintain the relevance of the system due to automatic updates. CentOS with the installation kit Linux and has a basis Linux, Red Hat developers made  with the full system compatibility. The platform is free. The work of the operating system is based on the use of single-core Linux update technology through YUM. Traditionally platform from Red Hat and CentOs out with the same number of the release with a slight delay the appearance of the second system. CentOS operating system can be used not only to work on the servers, but also on personal computers at home or in the office. Wherever installed Linux. The system uses the popular among advanced users and system administrators distributions as GIMP, GNOME as a DE, a media player and a block office applications. On the platform of Linux CentOS working with a computer is a pleasure because of the optimal performance of all programs. An important drawback of the operating system CentOS - it's older versions of software, reliability has been tested for years. Like this approach is not for every user. Platform version with CentOS 5.6 presuppose the necessary configuration files, which facilitates access to repositories debuginfo and vault. Previously, they had to be reloaded into the system further. In block Debuginfo.repo is set debuginfo-packages, and corrective releases CentOS 5 can be found in Vault.repo. As a result, the operating system CentOS - the best solution for customers VDS hosting requiring platform high stability, high quality and reliability. All these requirements are consistent with CentOS, which is easy to provide trouble-free operation of the server.