Linux - an optimal operating system for hosting

   Most people argue about what is better to put the platform for hosting service, there are two options - Linux or Windows. No one really give an answer to this question can not - but most people tend to Linux hosting. Let's compare it over Windows
    1) Linux - an operating system with an open and accessible code, you will not need to pay a license fee (as in Windows should definitely). You will only need to pay for the server, or rent equipment placement, because you can use the program for free to download and use. Here's another plus of Linux - is a free software, you can download a free program or buy for a very reasonable price (cheap).

   2) A website that has been printed on Linux- can safely and without any problems, convert it to Windows, thus it is possible to supplement and change, so that problems with the users of your site will not arise.

   3) Linux-is the best operating system for these types of databases: MySQL, Msql and PostgresSQL, if you lose your data on this hosting, it can be safely restored.

   4) And finally Linux is the most secure operating system - since viruses are almost always largely created under Windows, so Linux can not worry about viruses.

                                                                                                         Before you begin


   This paper is laid out here for those who want to build a website on the Internet. You've probably already thought about it? Most of you think that this is just a trifle, etc. But if you are in truth the creator of the search engine Google, you, of course, this text is not to your level of expertise in programming, but even the majority of web-masters do not know the simplest things in their specialty. Well, let's begin.

   And is it necessary?

    Create your page is very simple. Put on the front page a colorful panel, pictures, write your biography, specify your favorite links, tell us about yourself, what kind of animal do you like what you have eyes, who are you best friend, etc. Providers will wonder what happens to so much traffic in the near future if visitors to the site will be much, you will be asked for cooperation .... Basically it is the advertisers. If you still want to create a home page - then think ... someone other than you are interested in your life? It is better to create a site such as: search engines, chat rooms, forums, news, etc. But do not create a home page.

   The pursuit of information

    Did you know that unites all these articles? What they must necessarily have useful information on any subject. What is the old vase 19th century will find more visitors and fans than your picture and biography. If you are straight and want to show your picture on the internet, that is a special Social Networks (Classmates, Facebook, Instagram, FaceBook, etc.). This is not because we are against your biography and photos, just normal user will drum your family life, he wants to read stories, talk with friends, relax, find the right information, and more. And if you still want to make myself a website, then fill in there at least some useful information for users that do not have anywhere else on the site. By doing this you will earn popularity and your site will be visiting a lot of people, thus then you can do on your own page to place ads.

   Choosing a Theme

    Many will be on the drum on what topics to make the site - "the main thing that would have been." This is not entirely true. Each of us has different tastes on this or that subject, many nice to talk about cars, make-up, about girls, men, etc. So before you create a site, think what topic you nice to talk to, that would further develop the site. That would have been a lot of information on this subject you have chosen, and most importantly useful. Once you know what your theme is developed by millions of sites, then do not worry. After all, you can have the information, which is not even in my thoughts. Go to other websites about your subject and take a look there article, select all that apply, and post information on their websites.

   And something

    Before you create a website, make sure to think through all the details of your site, including the theme. Just if you create a site, any subject and can not keep him, he will soon lose customers and reputation, thus you simply just wasting your time. Make like the Yahoo directory failed or anyone else, even to companies that have billions of budgets. Enter articles every day - very hard. It is thus possible to hire people who will assist you in the creation of articles or make a weekly editorial.