Let's Encrypt SSL center entered Public Beta!

Let's Encrypt, - a project aiming to create a free and easy SSL certification center, that is really public and managed by the community. The project announced the launch of the beta testing and  switched to Public Beta mode.

Now everyone who wants to create an SSL certificate - will be able to do this directly on the website of this project, the SSL certificate will be really free!

The project aims to bypass all commercial CAs, as well as to reduce the bureaucracy. So it's a significant step forward in the field of personal data protection, it's a world wide SSL certification barrier removal, for all the people who wish to receive a confirmirmed SSL certificate to install to be able to install on own websited to raise the level of website protection.

This project is being developed under the aegis of a known organizations and foundations - the Linux Foundation, as well as participation of such funds and companies as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Mozilla, Cisco, Akamai, Automattic, Facebook, Identrust and the University of Michigan - they joined their efforts in the field of information & privacy in the Internet through the free and widespread introduction of free SSL certification center (free CA).

It should be noted that the project is completely under the control of the community, without any concentration of control in the hands of one organization. All transactions and operations for the creation and generation of SSL-certificates and reviews publicly available and controlled independently.

So what do you need to get a free SSL?

All that you need is to demonstrate that you are the real owner of the domain name - you can do this by placing a special record in the DNS, or a special file on the web server. All checks are automated and takes really little time.

Enjoy your certification!