Hosting on Linux - Who is winning?

   The primary, and best hosting sites and web applications leads RedHat, which is a distribution of Linux. He left in 2004, after 6 months of work decreased market share, but he is currently demonstrating its performance hosts. GentooLinux - he has basically the fastest growth in market share on this day. 

    Debian, SuSEi Gentoo - they have a huge number of consumers hosting in Europe, and so they have little or basically a continuous growth of the market. On Debian now installed almost one million hosts. The French company hosting shows how many hosts have - Gandi (72k hosts) and Proxad (58.8k). SuSE, now owned by Novell, it now has the largest number of working copies of the German providers - 1 & 1 Internet (174k hosts)), DeutscheTelekom (97k), Evanzo (49k) and Intergenia AG (47k). The remaining third of the hosts are working on Gentoo's and they are set at European providers (both countries) - in Denmark and in Germany (Forskningsnetten (6.1k) and Dotcom-serve (5.6k)). 

    RedHat has received attention and the news thanks to the policy. Hosting companies such as Linuxu which has a huge number of server setups, they began to reconsider their actions against RedHat, it happened when the company created a commercial product - RedHatEnterpriseLinux, this product costing $ 350. At that time, the company RedHat announced that it will stop its assistance to support for RedHat Linux 9 in April.