Hacker from Krasnoyarsk still under suspicion

   Case on the crime committed by Vasily Nikitin, a young hacker from Krasnoyarsk, dismantled more than six months. Recall that Nikitin became known he had organized the attack on the Kremlin website. Materials of the investigation, which is not yet completed, argue that the lock resource was caused by the hacker action Nikitin. Plead guilty Vasily Nikitin refuses. In official statements, he repeatedly declares accident occurred, claiming he had no concept of properties and appointment of the found virus program that resulted in the "fall" of the federal resource. Discover any connection with opposition groups Nikitin investigation failed so far.

   At the same time, it is proved that the hacker can not just show up on the public resources, offering high-level malware, suitable for organizing attacks on the websites of public authorities of the Russian Federation. Doubts are raised and motives Nikitin. Hacker attack was made in a very "convenient" time - before the start of the Moscow opposition "March of Millions".

   The investigation is still suggests that their actions Nikitin expressed support for the event. What kind of software used for Nikitin's attack on the Kremlin, is unknown. Specialists of Federal Security Service of Russia suggest that the virus was developed by the hacker group Anonimous, not the first year dealing with illegal manufacture and sale of malicious software that can harm not only the sites of state organs, but also special services and secret centers.

   Developed group program is very easy to use, allowing even those skilled in successfully introduce them to the work. Nikitin formal charges have not yet presented, as well as were not notified about the date of his trial by the Soviet District of Krasnoyarsk, so long as the arrest of a hacker question.