Individual approach to choosing a domain name

   Often when creating your own web resource has to smash his head on the choice of a domain name for a future project. Buy it will be easy internet flooded intermediary companies that offer to buy and register a new domain name. 

                                                                           Choose a domain name 

 First, you need to stop on one of the existing domain zones, which will be based on your site. To do this, specify that a task force, which will be directed to your site. Traditionally, commercially oriented sites are located in the domain zone .com, .net zone allocated to individual sites and blogs of companies working in the field of network and information technology. In the area .org congregate sites of nonprofit organizations and government agencies. 
   For a basis we can take a top-level domain zone, indicating the nationality of the Internet resource. Ukrainian law allows the registration site on .ua only to owners of registered trade marks. .ru Area is transnational, automatically assigning a resource to the Russian-speaking audience the web. 
   Almost all the short top level domain names for a long time occupied by large companies and users, therefore, hoping to reveal the narrow subject, you can settle for second-level domain or
   Also, to cut off the excess audience perfect compound of national and regional domain that will appeal to users of a certain city or region -,
For a basis we can take and growing by leaps and bounds Cyrillic domains (.blog, .rf) having a slight advantage to Latin transliteration and when the search query.
Ideally, the site name must match the category of the resource and be a unique, short, concise, easy to read and memorize and finally affordable. In this case, the search engine not only gives a complete coincidence with the Cyrillic name, but all possible derivatives, as well as variations written using transliteration. In addition, selling domain names are allowed to use a combination of Latin and Cyrillic in the domain areas .su, .net  .com, as well as additional characters from other languages. Although the popularity of the latter option is not yet won, not the most comfortable thing - change the layout. 
   When choosing Cyrillic worth remembering that, despite the convenience and a good set of memorability, your website will be virtually inaccessible to foreign users. 
optimize search
   Following the approval of the blast zone analyze the future name of the site to meet the following positions: 
- The domain name must match the topic of the resource, use the main keywords that will help in a fast and high-quality search engine optimization.
- If the basis of the Russian-language search engines are taken, the very name for the correct reading should write through transliteration. Be sure to test the search engine to get the name of the association with the given pronunciation - so search for the word "Caramel" will give an unexpected Caramel, and transliteration option Karamel. The best option may be to consider the use of the name instead of one is not capacious words of two or three-word key-written with a hyphen. For example, the poster pin-kod.rf provides links to useful options for pin codes and keyword appears in each section of the site.
   In this scenario, the system will search this site forward, ceteris paribus due to the fact that the name is found the key phrase or phrases from the query. 
Testing is useful to searchers also because each system has its own "character", placing an individual priorities and putting forward links to the sites of certain domain areas.

                                                                           Register name 

   After checking the name on the euphony and optimal search should be familiar with the names of sites similar options in other areas, and, of course, check for the possibility to use the domain in the selected area. From the occupied and free names can be found on the websites of companies that register domain names. 
If the name is not in the registry, and it is missing in the previously reserved domain names, you can start the registration process. Pre is even read the technical requirements prescribed by the registrar's site, check for compliance with the laws and moral principles.
   Traditionally, domain registration company engaged in, as well performing hosting services in the country and neighboring countries. To obtain a domain name will have to prepare a set of documents, as well as choose the best tariff plan and a package of services. Will also need to confirm the registration on the real-life individual or a company, because they themselves are merely intermediaries recorders and forward received documents to further verification. 
   Hosting providers, not the first year working in the market, in expanding the list of offered services. So to register a domain name directly attached administer the site, making a backup copy of data and the implementation of security. Through these same companies can use to extend the previously registered domain name. 
It is necessary to be aware of the tariff plans of all companies and possible actions. For example, the frequent practice of steel prices and additional bonuses for those customers who pay for the hosting service for a year or two ahead. Then the level of service of the client increases, except for qualified assistance in selecting a domain name experts offer options for e-mail addresses, relevant to the title of the site, which has a positive impact on the promotion and advancement of resources.

                                                                           Change the owner of the domain

Competition in the hosting market is such that a change of provider has ceased to be a rarity. Benefits and services offered by competitors, could lead to the decision to change hosting and accordingly transfer the domain name back. For fast and efficient transfer is necessary to know in advance all the requirements for the process of change of provider. Firstly, a new hoster must verify the existence and validity of documents that support your rights to the domain name, as well as basic passwords ogy and e-mail, specified during registration. Secondly, do not change provider after the expiration of the service domain. Blocked site, no one can check and transfer. Information on terms of service can be viewed via whois.
   After fees and order the domain name to the new hosting is not necessary to independently perform a full backup of the site, ready for transport. Sometimes this service is included in the service package provider and resource specialists carry themselves. 
   Before the final transfer of the site can not disable essential services that are available on the old domain (email, address, etc.). Upon completion of the loading of the resource on the server of a new provider, performance testing is necessary to cancel the site of the previous site.