Cloud Linux - a unique operating system designed for shared-hosting.

   Cloud Linux - is a unique and the best operating system, basically it is intended for shared-hosting. At this time, the technology has already won the markets of the USA and has been used for a long time and in our country, mainly among the providers. They are able to evaluate the quality, efficiency and advantages of this OS. 
   If you use Cloud Linux - it will make the performance of the server much easier and more stable, as it has the ability to limit the number of customers and users within reasonable limits. 
If the server will be a lot of people (even despite what server) then it will slow down, and even can even disable. Improved control of resources to reduce the time and identify when the limit is exceeded by users. Using Cloud Linux, you can increase the limit for tenants on the same server (ie you can siting multiple sites on the same server) due to the stability in the work. Cloud Linux - he still has the ability to set a limit for each user and obtain statistical data about each user. Basically, the operating system using Cloud Linux reliability of user accounts, and as he reasonably allocates space on the server, so it can provide cheap hosting sites. Basically the application Cloud Linux is a resource restriction, since there are set different limits and allows control to adjust the application level. If one of the sites causes a crash due to the load, the other sites that server nothing happens.By limiting users and applications, the website will operate continuously, and work on a uniform speed. 
As you already know, Cloud Linux server work fine, they can isolate multiple users and thus performance of one member does not affect other users. When the server is updated Cloud Linux - no need to restart the server, this is another advantage of this system. Special patches are installed in the core of the service - to help in the security of your service and prevent any intrusion into the system, as well as well-protected and user database. Special file system each user mask data from other users, as well as hides you apart.

   Cloud Linux - it supports special, universal panels that are designed to manage the server, such as cPanel, HosingController, ParallelsPlesk, ISP Manager, DirectAdmin, InterWorx and others. 
   When you use Cloud Linux is only a plus - since it improves server performance, improve efficiency, you spend less money on the setting, spend less time conducting operational work, but mostly it provides users with a high level of service. 
   The main criteria Cloud Linux OS is: stability, reliability and absolute security.