What is visualization hosting.

   Today we consider the imaging system hosting - provider. Searching for a hosting ideal for specific goals and objectives of the server, it would be nice to consider the imaging system, they work with providers to provide it. Knowledge of the properties and characteristics of these systems will help protect you from failure if you select the wrong virtual server (VPS / VDS) and also save money if your project does not need too much complex functionality. It is about the specifics of the various virtualization and we will lead it in the future.


   For starters, let's look at what the term means. If you explain in simple language, the virtualization system - a system that allows to break physical servers with different platforms, hardware modules into separate virtual servers within a single virtual system. In this case, it does not matter where in the world is the physical (main) server. Rent is available it is on a virtual server (container), which is in the physical. However, there are other ways of allocating virtual resources - a virtual dedicated server (Virtual Private (Dedicated) Server, VPS / VDS). 
This method of allocating virtual server allows the lessee to use the resources of the physical server (to store data and to use the computing power), separate from the other virtual servers. In this case, the server is full, as a kind of physical autonomy. Virtualization methods differ specificity the resource virtual server and work with the hardware of the physical server.
Ways virtualization options of 3:
   1. First we consider hardware virtualization method - everything is very simple: the physical server resources are shared between virtual containers at the hardware level (KVM, Xen).
   2. Paravirtualization - This method is somewhat complex, it requires modification of the operating system. System instead of a direct request to the server hardware refers to the hypervisor software (program that provides parallel execution of multiple operating systems on a single host computer.) Using this method will require you to modify the operating system kernel. You can do this in Open Source, or the system developed specifically for the capabilities of each operating system (Xen).
   3. Virtualization at the operating system - the ability to create a separate operating system on each virtual server. The only problem is that the kernel used by the virtual server must be identical to the host system. Having established the basic system of Linux, put on a virtual server any other is not possible. This method makes it possible not to use the services of the hypervisor, since all operations are resource allocation assumes the basic system (OpenVZ, Virtuozzo). 
   The main types of virtualization, commonly used in most of the modern servers, are at this time on the basis of virtualization Xen, - based on OpenVZ and - based on Parallels Virtuozzo Containers. Rasmmotrim each of them in detail.

                                                                      Virtualization technology-based Xen
   This system is subject to both the automaton and paravizualizatsiya. As mentioned above, by using paravirtualized OS kernel is modified. Operations on the virtual server are made by sending a request for some action from the client operating system on the primary server hypervisor. When modifications to the system, in addition to the kernel, the changes can touch and some libraries. Xen development is made in the computer labs of the University of Cambridge, it is distributed free of charge. (Licence GPL

                                                                      Virtualization-based OpenVZ project
   This visualization system is most widely used in the market of web hosting providers. Close to a wide range of features here is the free distribution of what is possible thanks to the support of Parallels. OpenVZ system based on the core of the operating system Linux, it uses a visualization-based operating system. The disadvantage is that it can be used only with the distributions of Linux (Fedora, RHEL, Centos, SuSE). It consists of the modified kernel and user-space tools. With this system, each virtual container has a full view of the server, and can use their independent files and network. Have their individual users, and may also make copies of file systems and transfer them. Visualization virtual server is spent from 1 to 3% of the power that puts it on the same level with the actual physical server. 

                                                                      Virtualization based on Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
   Just as in the previous system, the allocation of resources to the virtual server are occurring at the level of the operating system. However, existing designs to work with different operating systems - as Linux, and Windows
   Frame, on the basis of which is the development of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, served as project OpenVZ. As a consequence, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers - a better system with a number of improvements. Etoa system is much more convenient control systems for servers and nodes, and also owns the Russian localization of the server than the user may like the look of Russian-speaking countries. 
   The system also has a very comfortable and functional to use control panel, which allows significantly enhance the ability. Panel Virtuozzo Power Panel has the following features: 
The user can at any time to restart the virtual server, even if completely no access to it.
There is a file manager
You can easily manage any operating system processes
In this system, available backup of your server,
Access to firewalling container
Ability to view usage statistics of traffic and resources.
Java- clients ssh and rdp
   The speed of the virtual container is almost identical to the rate of the primary server. Of the three systems, but this gives you almost unlimited possibilities for the development of the resource. Supports important system kernel and allows the installation and transfer of containers to another node without interrupting the operation of the server. 
   And in conclusion: Companies HOSTLIFE is very important that our clients receive services of the highest quality. Stable working virtual server with high quality and performance - that's the standard server, which we can offer to the customer. It is to maintain our services at the highest level, the selection of our company has been stopped on high-quality products from Parallels, Inc. Parallels Virtuozzo Containers. Once this software package, despite its high cost, truly can provide the functionality and the highest level of service. Sets of tools, stability, performance and functionality of the system very quickly overshadow the price, making it a favorite even among the free projects.
Working with the service VPS / VDS to reach the top in the development of the project can only choose the best.
Have your project to reach unprecedented heights, and we hope that our article will allow you to look at the way to success with the right hand.