A few words about dedicated servers

Let's define a dedicated server (aka dedicated) terminology. Such term denotes service of a web hosting provider, providing customers full enjoyment of a separate server. This service - the complete opposite of the popular virtual hosting, allowing stuff on a single physical server dozens, and often hundreds of virtual servers.

What are the advantages of a dedicated server? First, the user is actually on a separate machine, with all the resources and is not obliged to share them with anyone. And then you can install your own operating system, and select the type of database, all the necessary software, including unique software. In general, working with server configuration, changing the services available to suit your needs and objectives. The virtual hosting client doent have such freedom of choice available: they have to agree with the pre-installed OS, with the micro-limits of machine resources that remains after all other users.

Secondly, the dedicated server is stable and trouble-free due to the fact that only one customer can load it. Thus, a dedicated server is perfect for powerful Internet-sites with a large volume of traffic.

Third, the choice in favor of a dedicated server allows you to solve a number of a technical problems. On a separate server, you can throw a database on a that takes all the available space on a virtual machine, leaving no space for web applications. Such a categorical division of the web server and the database not only degrades the performance of the website, but also provides user with access to the necessary database resources even in cases of failure on a virtual server.

Fourth, a dedicated server is well protected against unauthorized access to personal information. Is responsible for this service to restrict access to the database.

Thus, due to a number of advantages dedicated hosting is winning the battle with their virtual counterpart. Of course, this service requires additional financial investments, but it's understandable with the number of opportunities that it provides. Therefore, standing dilemma of choice of virtual or a dedicated server, ask yourself two basic questions: what are the requirements you need for hosting and what services you really need there.

Here you can order a dedicated server.