Special designed rackmount cases for fast server installation and managementOur bandwidth with upstreams has been raised up to 10 Gbit/sIn our network we use only powerful hardware switches and routers


Powerful and professional full-root dedicated servers now available at low price!

30 $

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All our virtual servers uses a mirrored SSD storage to improve I/O speed!

6 $

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Our VIP-hosting solutions are really easy, even for a complex website!

10 $

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Redundant storage space with different access options to backup your projects

3.75 $

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Easy Management Panel

Control your servers, manage IPs, MACs, Abuses and much more..

VDS Inside Management Panel - Remote power management VDS Inside Management Panel - Product information

Remote Power Management

Reverse DNS management

Abuse reports

RBLs monitor

Embedded Nmap scanner

DDoS protection

Latest News

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  • Our bandwidth with upstreams raised up to 10 Gbit/s.2015.03.11
  • We have added SSL to our main website to improve security.2015.02.09
  • Our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) has been reviewed & updated.2014.12.02
  • Implemented function to transfer balance between accounts, available at Balance ..2014.07.28
  • Our website has been redesigned!2014.05.26
  • Added RBLs monitor to check whether your IPs are blacklisted or no2013.12.27